Arts & Culture: Diversity Dialogue

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts in New York State’s Southern Tier

An introduction.

Greetings! I’m Jason Whong, and I’m honored that the ARTS Council asked me to be the guest blogger for February. (Perhaps when I’m done blogging, the council will wish 2009 were a leap year. Or maybe they’ll be glad it was the shortest month. I guess it depends on how I do.)

Most people in the Southern Tier who have heard of me probably know me because I am a working photojournalist. I enjoy my job, because I get to meet lots of interesting people, especially those outside of my social circle. In time, they end up becoming part of my social circle, which is also rewarding. Oh yeah, and I also get to make art almost every day that I work.

In keeping with Ginnie’s introductory post, I plan to challenge you “to broaden (y)our thinking about diversity, inclusion and the arts.”

Since it’s something I’ve practiced for a while, some of my posts on this blog will focus on that part of photography known as photojournalism. Almost everyone has one or more cameras these days, but many camera owners wouldn’t call their own photos art, or call themselves photographers. Even fewer would call themselves photojournalists. So, maybe something I post here might offer this blog’s readers some previously unexplored insights into the art form that is currently my main gig.

I’ll also write about diversity and inclusion at some point this month.

The next post will be a video clip from a popular television show. (it actually appears below, rather than above this post, because I started it before I started this introduction message. oops.) I’m posting it because it has a lot to do with the way I make most of my art. I’ll post my own thoughts later, in a separate post.

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