Arts & Culture: Diversity Dialogue

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts in New York State’s Southern Tier

How Art Helps The Human Race

I have always believed that being involved with any type of artistic activity will make you a more well rounded person. And even now I still hold on to that thought. Today in the there are those who argue that “the Arts has no affect on people” and they believe that music and art classes should be removed from the public school system. As one who studies music and is involved in music activities, I fight for schools who want to keep music and art in their curriculum. Even here in the C-PP School district there are teachers and administrators who believe that the arts are of no real use. For example I taught Color Guard here in Corning with the East High Marching Band, many people came out to support the football team but nobody came to support the band members and all of there hard work. When it came to the halftime show and the band was marching onto the field people were talking, some were booing and screaming at the band members. And these are people who attend school with these students and even some of the other band parents were not supporting their children as well. I’m not one to be judgemental  but apart from the music teachers, music students, artist, arts organizations and everything else in between, the Corning  area and some of Elmira is filled with too many people who have no artistic integrity. Before I explain what I mean by that statement I can say for me; Art is a way for me to “escape” all of the things that make me upset  so instead of lashing out on someone who only want to help me when I’m mad I put my anger and frustration into my art and make it work to my advantage. Back to my previous statement; when I say that Corning and Elmira are filled with too many people who have no artistic integrity what i mean is that there are those who take art too lightly who have even said to me that art is a waste of time because it has no affect on anyone and that all it does in make you weak. As I walk around here in Corning and I hear people disrespecting places like 171 cedar Arts, CMOG or The Rockwell Museum It hurts to know that nobody cares, to know that even to people fund all our museums and music/dance studios  have no interest in them is truly frustrating. As I close, I hope that someday we all can accept the arts for what it is. Art is like the human heart with out that pumping with in our bodies we cannot have life. 


About mcgrady21

Hello My name is Adrian McGrady I'm 21 years old and I'm a student at Mansfield University studying Music with an intrest in Business and performance

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