Arts & Culture: Diversity Dialogue

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts in New York State’s Southern Tier

Cultural Blueprints II: A chapter for artists within the ARTS

Maybe the recession is a time that the art organizations made a goal to spend their resources to support artists versus educate the public.  Inexchange they ask for volunteer hours from the artists to educate the school children about arts and its possibilities.  Catch them young and you are actually doing something preventive so that a large amount of money isn’t spent trying to cure/educate them later on. Is that too much to expect from an or more organizations?  Maybe it is. There was a developer in the crowd who to the annoyance of the entire crowd stated “Don’t wish for things to happen, just do it.” When asked how, she stated “you’ll find a way”. That set me thinking.  Maybe we atists are wishing too much. It is true though that there needs to be a database of all these brainstorming.  When every artist is expected to learn the art of marketing by themselves or utilization of available resources or making ideas happen then each of them is reinventing the wheel.  However if that resource is available as an organization then it makes the climb a little easier.

I remember a song in telugu that my father made me memorize when I was about 10 years old and said “Remember this.  It will be very usefull in your life”.  It was written by Mahakavi SriSri (1910-83) a very revolutionary contemporary telugu poet.  It reads” someone special will come. Something special will happen. Is that what you are thinking?  Don’t wait for that to happen and be betrayed.  Don’t forget the truth and daydream”.  Is it time, that we artists united, opened a chapter under an existing organization like the ARTS and took issues into our hands?  We can open as many blogs as possible and write as much as we want, then what?  We can have as many conferences and have wonderful ideas and then what?  Like Ginnie quoted on  we have wonderful ideas that frequently go into the pile of “might have been”. Expecting the person who has the idea to research and make the idea happen as an individual might be expecting too much but as a unit of artist we can divide and function and rule!

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